10 Reasons to Love Lemony Hues

A friendlier and more versatile hue, you are never going to meet. Working together with every style, in every season, and solving decorating issues left and right, yellowish is something of a superhero in the colour world. Here are 10 reasons yellowish deserves a place in your property.

Irvin Serrano

1. Yellow feels right at home in any season. Reds and oranges state fall, green abounds in spring, and cool blues were meant for hot summer months. But yellow is welcome all year long — a major blessing in case you don’t wish to do a lot to upgrade your home with the seasons.

In summer and spring, yellowish feels as clean and fresh as a bowlful of tart lemons; in fall it blends with the autumn foliage; and in winter it brings the welcome warmth of sunlight.


2. Yellow plays well with different colours. I can’t think of another hue that can make different colours feel at home quite like yellowish can. If you are a color fan who loves piling on the colors, think about using yellow as your “neutral” — it will pull the entire look together, yet with more energy than a true neutral.

Mitchell Wall Design & Architecture

3. Yellow freshens a traditional room. Formally decorated rooms could verge on becoming stuffy. Using yellow, which has gotten so popular for modern and modern rooms, instantly makes a traditional room feel up-to-date.

The Cousins

4. Yellow wakes up neutrals. Whites, grays or beiges feeling somewhat blah? Lift your neutral basics with an injection of vibrant yellow. Yellow is so bold, it functions superbly as an accent colour. Just a touch or two is all you want.

Four Chairs Furniture

5. Yellow aids couples compromise. Feminine boudoir or manly lair? How about a fresh, sunny area that pleases everyone instead. Let yellow smooth over your decorating conflicts with its crowd-pleasing allure. Pair it with other gender-neutral winners such as textured grass cloth, reclaimed wood and crisp white trim.

6. Yellow adds zest to white and black. Love that stark, industrial black and white look? Take it to another level by adding a flash of bright yellow.

The unexpected pop of colour can raise the whole room. And there’s no need to purchase anything new — just get a pot of paint and revamp a chair, a lamp or the bottoms of a table.

House + House Architects

7. Yellow mimics the sun’s natural shine. Enhance the quality of lighting in your home by painting the walls in an already light-filled area a soft, glowing shade of yellow. The afternoon light emitting through the chimney will look much more sublime.

Echelon Custom Homes

8. Yellow brightens a dark area. Have a little space with zero organic lighting? Splash some yellow on the walls, floor, ceiling or cabinets to pretend it. Pick paint with a shiny finish to reflect the light — and ramp up the number of artificial lighting sources as you’re at it.

Alykhan Velji Design

9. Yellow works within an gender-neutral nursery. Perfect for boys, girls and shared spaces, yellow for the nursery is a winner. Especially elegant with soft gray or blue, yellow is a warm, friendly selection for baby’s first room. To get a more contemporary feel, paint the walls a soft gray and use yellow for the accents (carpeting, drapes, bedding). To get a fun vintage-inspired look, go for bright yellow walls, handmade buntings and a vintage wooden rocking chair.

Pierce Allen

10. Yellow makes people happy. There’s a reason yellow graces that famous smiley face — something about this colour instantly lifts the mood. It is energetic, cheerful and optimistic. What is not to love about that?

Inform us : Are you a lover of yellow? What’s your favourite way to use it?

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