4 Tile Installation Tips

Homeowners rarely do tiling on their own. However, it’s actually a very simple DIY task that you can undertake at home. You will need to learn some things though. You can’t just wake up one day and start installing tiles. In addition to this, even if you have done this before you need to polish up your skills a bit. There are a few simple tips that can make your tiling very effective. The great thing is that these tips are very easy to learn even for a beginner.

Below are some basic tiling tips for you:

Build a Pyramid

Laying tiles diagonally is very easy. Normally, you will need to mark diagonal lines in the places where the tiles will be installed. However, sometimes you may be working with diamond shaped tiles and the 45-degree angle will not work. The best way to deal with this issue is to first of all mark a single layout line so you can center the tiles. Tile’s corners must be aligned with the line. In the end, you should build a pyramid as you move along the wall. This is one of the most complicated Tampa handyman you can do but once you get the basics right, you will be done in no time.

Use Special Mortar

There are many bedding adhesive solutions that you can use for tiles. However, it’s better to go for thin mortar specified for your tile size. For tiles bigger than 12 x 12 in., ensure the adhesive you are using is specified as “medium bed.” Some products may label them as large format. Bigger tiles require strong bonding for them to stay in place. Therefore, using the right mortar is very important.

Eliminate Lippage

Lippage is the technical term that is used to describe uneven tile edges. If you are working with large tiles, it’s very difficult to avoid lippage. In addition to this, lippage will be easily visible if you are using narrow grout lines. You can use leveling chips and wedges to solve this issue though. Slip the clip under the tile and gently push in the wedge. Once the thinset hardens, remove the clip by breaking it off. Your problem will be solved.

Use Tough Scrubber

We all know that cleaning your tools after handyman Tampa FL is very important. Although you can use a simple rug to clean off your tools, sometimes the stains are just too stubborn. In such cases, you need something stronger and the idea of using a tough scrubber will come handy. Thin set is very sticky and ordinary cleaning tools will not get rid of it. A rough scrubber will, however, take care of everything.

Doing the perfect handyman Tampa at home takes very simple and easy tips. The most important thing is to be fully prepared with everything you need for the job.  Also, don’t forget to learn as much as possible regarding tile installation. This will help you improve your skills.