8 Rooms That Say 'Let's Make Something'

If you are lucky enough to have a workshop or craft space, you would like it to be an inviting location that motivates you to get right to operate, with lots of easy-to-use places to stash your resources, samples and supplies plus a great big work surface. Dreaming of shaping up your workshop or turning a bedroom into a studio? Pick up an idea or two out of those deluxe places for makers.

Meritage Homes

Tilt-down paper secretary. Just at eye level, this tilt-down wrapping paper organizer has slanted eyeglasses which hold sheets of decorative and tissue paper perfectly, making it super simple to find just the correct paper for gift wrapping and scrapbooking.

Harrell Remodeling, Inc..

Grid wall. Wall-mounted, rubber cable grids (that can be located at commercial/retail supply stories) are ideal for keeping miscellaneous objects which may be hung. This simple organizing solution will end your days of digging through bottomless drawers because of this missing pair of scissors, roll of tape or ribbon. Rather, all of your odds and ends can be hung in clear view for simple access.

Wonderland Homes

Inspiration board. Every craft room wants inspiration to get your creative wheels spinning. Make your own inspiration board with a favorite fabric and decorative ribbon. All of your photos can slide between the fabric and ribbon to remain in place without tape or tacks.

Glass cabinets. Designing your craft room with glass doors not only makes it easier to find things; it can also help you know when to stock up on essential items. If you are retrofitting existing cabinets, just substitute the doors and keep the boxes.

Magnetic chalkboard. Magnetized chalkboard paint turns a blank, boring wall into a double-duty organizational tool. Look for this at the local hardware shop and follow the directions. You usually need several coatings, but the extra functionality will be worth it.

Siemasko + Verbridge

Mobile island. Put an island on wheels to accommodate any craft area’s size or design. Lock the wheels if you will need surface room to work on, or wheel it out of the way when your scrapbooking band comes over.

Jute Interior Design

Cubbies. Simple cubbies — whether built in or freestanding — offer great storage and style opportunities. Categorize your crafting materials however you need — by color, size or style — to create a storage installation that becomes part of your room’s decor.

Pine Street Carpenters & The Kitchen Studio

Remove cabinet doors. This simple fix functions in almost any craft room. Just remove doors from top cabinetry for immediate open shelves that put your favorite things on display in plain view.

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