Easy Sparkle: String Lights for All Year and Christmas

Come December, I don’t tire of this month-long parade of string lighting aglow everywhere you look. String lights are definitely festive and merry, and most often seen peeking through the branches of a Balsam fir or wrapped round a lamppost.

They also dress up a room with a magical light — everybody “looks good” under the soft glow of string lights. And in some cases, strings lighting work in a space even after Jan. 1 rolls round. Below are a few rooms (inside and outside) where string lights simply include a pretty, decorative glow which doesn’t need to spell holiday cheer and can last year-round.

A string of lights visually connects the collage of artwork pieces hung on the wall over this home office desk and make a pretty focal point.

I wrapped up string lights over a mounted cage lighting in my home office and draped the remaining lights over a vintage wooden ladder.

Hint: If you want to use vibrant string lights beyond the holidays, keep them to a single colour (such as a blue). Multi-colored string lights feel more like Christmas lighting.


Here’s a good illustration of string lights completed right. The band of white lights around the mirror which leans against the wall feels totally imperfect — and totally modern and interesting.

White string lights include a glow over a bedroom cupboard. Be mindful about where and how you hang on your string lights. The lights may lean towards feeling “teenager” in fashion — instead of a trendy, contemporary light installation on your own room.

sarah & bendrix

These world lights don’t seem like your typical Christmas string lighting, making them more fitting as a decorative accent year-round.

Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

Outdoors, string lights dress up an archway of blossoms over the patio. The lights include an enchanted vibe to the room. And practically, it is much simpler to entertain in the evenings with light over the seating area.

It’s The Small Things…

A string of lights swoops over the fence outlining this deck area. The string lights create this outdoor room feel like a party every night.


String Lights from Cable and Cotton USA – $39

Who needs candles when you can just put a strand of string lights at the center of this table? Like candles, string lights cast a warm glow that produces a soft, romantic feel round the table.


Cable & Cotton string lights – $39

These handcrafted globe lights are customizable — so you can pick the colors you would like. The string of lights over the outside table feels so entertaining and whimsical.

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