Houzz Call: Seeking Dogs in Layout

Houzzers: You love your puppies. They never diss your decoration keep you business, and also make every lunch appointment. They never mention version fees and do amazing things for the house photography.

Therefore examine your camera roll, locate your best photo and discuss it under. It may show up on our home page. We have been about the hunt to get a Houzz Pet of the Week, as well as your doggie could be Houzz Pet No. 1.

As we are all layout junkies here, we are trying to find pictures of your buddy in a fantastic area. He could take the area you simply decorated, in your very best seat, on a building occupation, kicking back on the veranda, in your home, or keeping you company in the studio or office at home. Dogs + Layout = Houzz ecstasy. All of us understand this.


Take your best shot. Houzz Pet of the Week choice will probably be depending on picture size (large!) And a few form of connection to backyard and house. Make sure you give his name to us and inform us how you were discovered by him.

Or her, needless to say. This natural splendor is Beatrice Arthur, and she resides here with an innovative homeowner Dabito, blogger and photographer in La.


Do not wait. Appear, your pet is being uber adorable right now. Go snap a picture and get your camera. Upload your chosen picture to the remarks section below and inform us a little about them.

Erhm, how about the cats? do not get us started; we adore kittens. Vamping on your very best seat, modeling in a vignette, resting in your tile samples, assisting you sort, share your pictures of these in your table, or squished in to among the cardboard containers you get when you get several 4 inch crops in the greenhouse. Anything house associated. You get it!

Lauren Liess Interiors

Here is a bit inspiration to get you began. Here’s some mo-Re.

You most likely already possess the best picture in a folder in your background. Simply click the “Select File” button under, browse to your own stash of pet pictures, and reveal your most readily useful buddy around.