Platform Beds for Each Style

If the notion of a platform bed conjures up images of broad, low-slung beds acceptable for contemporary spaces, well, you’d be right — but only part of the time. Crawling from a bed only 12 inches above the floor is not everyone’s cup of tea, but there are lots of new styles that offer a much higher profile. They also fit in to any type of decor, so no matter what your personality, you may enjoy a platform bed.

Platform vs. box spring: It was that the box spring was an essential part of the mattress system absorbing shock because you got in and out of bed so it did not feel too hard. The box spring additionally raises the height of the mattress so it is a lot easier to get in and out of bed. Oh, and it kept your mattress from falling on the floor.

But mattress structure has improved greatly over the past several decades. Additionally, the increasing height of mattresses using their pillow tops is now less necessary to have a 9-inch high box spring underneath. Now, with few exceptions, the box spring today only holds your mattress at the ideal height and provides a base for it to sit on inside the bed frame. You may even purchase 2-inch thick”bunky boards” to take the place of a 9-inch-high box spring.

The curved slats in platform beds have sufficient give to supply the shock absorption the box spring used to handle. The open pliers allow your mattress to possess ventilation. All you need is the correct bed frame to give you the height you would like. And in case you have a memory-foam mattress, then they function better on a wood support as opposed to any type of box spring.

So, appreciate this parade of platform bed styles. I predict that the box spring will be a thing of the past. See what you think:

This very first bed represents what many people envision when they think about a platform bed. It is quite low to the floor, and the platform extends out to the sides beyond the mattress. This mattress sits inside the frame for an extremely low profile. I love that this one is fully upholstered, making it pleasant and soft round the edges — comfy when getting in and out of bed.

Gerner Kronick + Valcarcel, Architects, DPC

Perhaps you’d like something much higher so it is a lot easier to sit on the edge of the bed? This platform bed also has a fully cushioned frame. In cases like this, the frame and platform fill in the same height that was taken up by a traditional bed frame and box spring. See that the bed cover is sewn on the corner to make a fitted cap, creating a sleek and tailored appearance.

Zack|de Vito Architecture + Construction

One really nice feature of the platform bed is the fact that it does not need to be very thick. This enables you to put the mattress in the height of a traditional bed and also have a fantastic amount of space below the bed. Anytime you are able to use furniture pieces using a taller leg so that you may view partway under the furniture, then it will take up less visual space and make your room seem bigger.

Notice this platform bed includes a cushioned platform base that you are able to see beneath the mattress. Very attractive and luxurious looking. I believe that is my favorite bed of all of the ones in this ideabook. Love the two-tone wood frame!

Gne architecture

This bed also includes the posts and canopy frame around it, using a heavier looking base. Regardless of the clean, contemporary lines, the draped colorful fabric gives it a romantic feel.

Stonewood, LLC

This is an intriguing style that would work well in traditional décor. It has beautiful, ornate headboard and graceful turned legs, but still feels light and airy.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

The very traditional style of the upholstered headboard is complemented superbly by the fully upholstered frame. Instead of a light and airy appearance, this bed is given a large and significant texture from a frame upholstered all of the way down to the floor.

Are you really into super modern design? This one appears lighter than air. Lights in the corners of the headboard may be folded down to guide the light onto reading material. You could really fly off into dreamland here!

Annette English

I believe this platform bed is really unique with its floor-to-ceiling turned-wood corner posts.

Interiors by Myriam, LLC

Another thing to appreciate about platform beds: the distance you gain underneath by eliminating the box spring. My own platform bed has storage drawers similar to this one. The selection of wood and hardware in this mattress combines with the room’s Asian décor.

If you like the super low-slung appearance of a futon, then employing a very low platform bed with a futon on top could get the job done for you. Beautiful in this Japanese-style bedroom with its low tea table.

Kia Designs

Platform beds may have the impact of drifting in their distance. This would surely not work with a mattress and box spring.

Kia Designs

This bed is attached in the head to the wall and supported by a leg in the middle. Cool!


Just for fun, here are a couple more platform beds that appear to float…

… and float …


… and float …


… and float.

John Maniscalco Architecture

Viewed from a lower angle, so you can see that even though these beds may appear to float, they have substantial support underneath. It is just hauled back from the edges, hiding them from view.

Grownups are not the only ones that can appreciate a platform bed. I adore the peep holes in the end of the child’s bed.


Small spaces can definitely benefit from a platform bed. It is that open space underneath that keeps it out of visually filling up a room.

Joel Kelly Design

If you have a huge room and want a large focal point that has some weight to it, you’re still able to do that using a platform bed. This tall, tufted headboard and fully upholstered base command focus.

Elad Gonen

The large thighs and broad wood frame provide this bed plenty of visual existence.

Joel Kelly Design

This fully upholstered frame with matching bedding gives an extremely good feel to this bed. The mattress is recessed down to the frame, making it easy to tuck the bed down the side for a very neat appearance.

Have you got a mattress and box spring you’re considering trading out for a platform bed? Did you find a style that would do the job for you?

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