The best way to Install a Countertop in a Unsquare Corner

Corners which are out of square, or deviate from a 90-degree angle, re-present a typical problem encountered when counter-tops are put on cupboards. In case your counter-top will not match the corner, you can make it match a saw and a scribe device. Scribe resources are tiny, handheld products that resemble compasses. They can be used to transfer the line of the wall to the plywood or particle board counter-top. It may be cut to to suit. If scribing is required, it will always completed on the countertop before laminate or tile is installed.

Place the counter-top on the cupboard. Push it to the corner.

Set the scribe device to 1/8 inch. The scribe tool has two arms that are small. One seems just like a boring knife that is little. The arm has a pencil. Separate the two change the wing nut at the best to

Hold the scribe device vertically from the best with one-hand. Examine the counter-top. You’ll notice that one aspect is touching the wall and one side has a a spot. Place the scribe device on the side having a gap. The knife aspect of the scribe device should be with all the pencil on the counter-top against the wall.

Slide the scribe device over the wall, enabling the pencil.

Place the counter-top across two saw-horses. Cut across the line using a circular saw. If your cut is a bit tough, or not ideal, it will not issue. The plywood or particle board counter-top serves as a template for coverings of laminate or tile.

Place the counter-top again in addition to the cabinet. Check for suit. Re set the scribe instrument to 1/16 inch. should it not fit tight in to the corner Rescribe till it matches flawlessly to the corner, and minimize again.

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