The best way to Propagate Ipomoea Marguerite

The sweet-potato vine (Ipomoea batatas “Marguerite”) grows effortlessly and creates showy, heart shaped leaves and lavender flowers. This decorative vine is grown because of its beauty and not as a starchy foods crop. This plant prefers moist, well-drained soil and grows in full sunlight to partial shade. It’s hardy in Sunset’s Environment Zones H1, H 2, 13 and 21 through 24, but the plants also thrive outside in hanging baskets in areas where temperatures are above 30 degrees Fahrenheit and it also grows indoors as a house plant in most regions. It’s possible for you to propagate the plant from cuttings or by division of tubers.

Propagation From Cuttings

Select a vine without injury or illness and stop a 6 inch part of the vine. Pick out the cutting in the spring as new leaves produce.

Cut the vine at a 45-degree angle, making certain to reduce right in a node where stem and the leaf satisfy.

Remove all leaves with the exception of a few toward the best to enable the plant to full photosynthesis on the vine.

Place the cutting in jar or a glass of water and emerge a warm, vibrant location, but out of sunlight. Make sure all the nodes are underwater. The roots form will be seen by you in the under-water nodes in of a week to 10 times.

Once roots are proven transplant the cuttings in to a pot of planting medium that is ready.

Tug after three months in the plant. It’s roots in case it resists tugging. You could now transfer it to its residence.

Propagation by Division

Divide wholesome Marguerite crops in the fall when the plant is dormant.

Measure a 1-square foot area throughout the plant and drive the shovel to the soil at a 45-degree angle across the plant. Pry on the plant to expose the tubers.

Pull the plant in the ground and shake the soil off the tubers place the plant on a flat work surface that is flat. Use the trowel to divide the tuber in to sections, creating sure each area h-AS its own “eye” or expanding stage.

Place the divisions in a paper-bag and shop them before another spring, when you happen to be in a position to plant them in the sam-e expanding problems as the caretaker plant in an awesome, dry location.

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