The best way to Put Pine Needles On Your Own Blueberry Bushes

Blueberry bushes thrive in the large acidic soil that pine needle mulch offers. Pine needle mulch is a fantastic natural option for the garden that provides nutrients as it decomposes, inhibiting weed development and while retaining soil moisture. Your blueberry root-system is provided by pine needles with the environment that considerably increases fresh fruit creation.

Clear all debris in the floor throughout the bush using a rake. Ensure you have adequate mulch to protect the location that is required; approximately 50 to 60 feet will be covered by 3 cubic-feet.

Use the pine needles on the soil extending 24 to 36 inches across the bush and beginning about one to two feet away in the bark of the plant. Until it’s three or four inches deep pile the mulch.

Mulch between several rows of blueberry bushes to help stop weed growth there. Mulching in this way stops root injury that cultivating between rows might lead to because roots grow near the soil surface, typically the upper 6″.

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