20 Sublime Outdoor Havens

Having an outdoor room is like having to have your cake and eat it too. Furnishing a secure outdoor space — whether that’s a covered terrace, a pavilion, a loggia or a cabana — lets you enjoy the atmosphere with all the amenities of the home. Whether your idea of the perfect outdoor room comprises a place to dine in with family or friends, a lounge area where you can kick back and take in the view, or a cozy spot for napping, this roundup of dreamy outdoor rooms shows lavish places for relaxing in spectacular surroundings.

Dan Forer, Photographer

The large, vaulted palm-frond roof provides the perfect tropical outdoor refuge with this pavilion from the Dominican Republic. The central chandelier is simply spectacular in scale, lending drama to the room. I love the serene sense of the white textured wall with lighting, as well as the white dining room. Sculptures increase the artistic feel.

Brown’s Interior Design

This cabana has such a lovely approach via the stepping stones throughout the pool. Graceful furniture provides a gorgeous location for dialogue. The ceiling features recessed lighting and ceiling fans. Behind the chairs area, only barely visible in this picture, is a built-in banquette for the dining. The large hurricane candleholders and tender draperies are lovely accents.

Eric Stengel Architecture, llc

This open pavilion seems like it could just take flight and soar over this scene. While you’re waiting for it to eliminate, you can warm yourself by the fire and perch on built-in benches.

Summerour Architects

The vaulted ceiling of this portico with rock arches is as amazing as the opinion of the water and hills. A dining table and chairs with comfortable seat cushions allow for relaxing meals. The far end has a seating space. Wall sconces offer appealing light, while ceiling fans maintain a breeze going through the heat of the day.

Dresser Homes

This space feels really relaxing and casual. I love the use of table lamps in outdoor rooms. They include a layer of light that’s extremely supple and soft. The rustic wood flooring is a gorgeous characteristic, and there are several other very nice amenities. It’s somewhat difficult to see in this picture, but this outdoor room has a porch swing. That is something I would want in my ideal outdoor room. On top of that, speakers mounted on the wall above and to either side of the window provide music. A very wonderful touch.

Webber + Studio, Architects

I like the modern architecture of this partly covered deck. It is a very serene appearance. Recessed ceiling lighting and a ceiling fan are included as well as plenty of high-quality outdoor furniture.

David Howell Design

This covered terrace in Mexico offers a panoramic view and sufficient seating for a huge crowd. This would be an ideal party spot. Margaritas, anybody?

JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction

This Spanish-style covered patio, situated in Santa Barbara, California, looks out onto the pool and beyond to the sea. With cool Saltillo tile underfoot, this is the ideal place for retreating from the warmth of the day.

Amy Noel Design

I believe white, floaty drapery which may be pulled around for solitude or to get more protection against the sun is a sumptuous addition. The draped cloth will not help you a lot from the rain, but it’s ideal to offer shade whilst letting breezes through. The multiple pendant lighting provide bright illumination.

The draped cloth panels above this deck can be closed or opened. The undulating lines of these colors are echoed in the gently rolling hills. The simple lines of the furnishings and architecture look very suitable to me to the calm expanse of the lake.

Begrand Fast Design Inc..

Do not forget the place rug when providing your outdoor room. This is a wonder! There are several great choices now for indoor-outdoor carpeting. We’ve come a long way from the time when the only indoor-outdoor carpet available appeared like thick felt and has been the colour of grass.

Causa Design Group

This gorgeous arch and wrought iron railing frame the view of the sea perfectly. There is plenty of space here for a conversational seating area and a dining area.


How do you not just love this terrace with its view of all of that spectacular turquoise water? That can be in Turks and Caicos, where it’s sunny most of the year, so it isn’t much of a problem that the roof isn’t one which would keep rain outside. Having a comfortable location where you can eat or sofa is pretty much everything you want.

Not only does this covered terrace have a gorgeous view and furniture which sports sharp, white cushions, but it also includes overhead space heaters and skylights. If it becomes too dark to find the water, it has a view of city lights throughout the water and a fire pit for warmth and ambience.

Michael Kelley Photography

This is one of the very fun-looking outdoor rooms I’ve seen. Rather than decking or paving stones, there is grass, which feels great on bare feet and can be inviting to the canine relatives. 2 swings are suspended from the roof beam. I hope the kids are not the only ones who get to use those. And I am pretty sure those are rocking seats. Add the stunning perspective and you have heaven on earth.

Logan’s Hammer Building & Renovation

This covered deck has it all. There is a fireplace with a TV mounted above it for when it becomes too dark to see the opinion. A full kitchen lets you handle all of the food prep out here instead of being stuck in the kitchen. Bar stools at a counter looking out over the opinion really are a wonderful touch. And it’s ceiling lights, skylights, a ceiling fan and space heaters. An extra-special signature: Every dining seat has its blanket folded over the back to cover your lap or pull over your shoulders when it gets cold. They thought of everything!

Saint Dizier Design

If you are going to look out on a vineyard, then a covered terrace is the thing to do. The dining area is the ideal spot for doing a little wine tasting.

Dan Forer, Photographer

I love the sunny yellow color they picked for this pavilion. With dozens of cushions, this cozy seating area offers a lovely vantage point for enjoying this scenic view.

The Collins Group/JDP Design

A quaint, brick pavilion with blossoms winding up along the roofline makes a lovely garden spot. A fireplace offers cozy warmth. Absolutely magical!

Rough Linen

The previous examples contained lovely places where somebody may sitdine, swing and rock, but my idea of a perfect outdoor room includes being able to sleep out there.

When summer comes and it gets warm, my husband and I drag the camp mattress outside to your own deck. Regrettably, we are close Portland, Oregon, and one never knows when rain may hit. More than once we’ve been awakened by raindrops falling on our heads out of a sudden summer storm.
This lavish outdoor room is covered, and the mattress is suspended on ropes. I would be tempted to have one foot on the floor to rock myself to sleep.

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