New Classics: The Big Bang Chandelier by Foscarini

When you are choosing a light fixture, then you have a fantastic chance to give your room a sculptural element. The scenic Big Bang Chandelier by Foscarini is much more of a cellphone, composed of intersecting planes. At once it remembers ancient origami as well as something swiped from a futuristic Sleeper set. Enrico Franzolini, a minimalist having a background in design, also Vicente Garcia Jimenez, an industrial designer, collaborated on the design and released the final product in 2005.

Amitzi Architects

The Big Bang comes in black, white and a vibrant red. Natural light, as well as the light inside it, create different colors, highlights and shadows onto the fixture.

Amitzi Architects

Urbanspace Interiors

The light is certainly an attention getter and works especially well in modern and contemporary interiors. Watch how it glows.

Moon Design + Build

It also works really well in traditional and transitional rooms as part of this balance between old and new.

McClellan Architects

The light, made from intersecting metacrylate (thermoplastic) panels, will be able to allow you to strike a balance of natural and man-made substances in a room.

WA Design Architects

A trio of black Big Bang Chandeliers draw up the eye in this modern open floor plan.

Hint: Pay attention to height when writing a room. Elements like the light fixtures, cabinetry, floating metal ceiling panels and door and window casements are significant design elements within this space between flooring and soaring ceiling.

Horst Architects

FORMA Design

Annis Lender

The smaller version of this chandelier functions nicely in a small space. A well-placed mirror gives the illusion that you will find two of these in this elegant bathroom.

Chipper Hatter Architectural Photographer

The fittings make wonderful transitional pieces between this upholstery and the hard-edged metallic window casements and the concrete ceiling.

NAUTILUS Architects

While a white light can blend into white walls marginally, the red light becomes a focal point, even when seen from a room or two off.

Bertram Architects

This photographer really knows how to compose a shot, especially when the weather outside the window stinks. The fixture takes on the look of a abstract cloud on partly cloudy days.

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