10 Pest Control Tips For Your Home

There are 3 things that pests have in common, which bring them to your house. They need shelter, water, and food. As long as these 3 conditions are met in your home, you will have a pest problem. If you remove any of them from the equation, you will create an imbalance and the pests […]

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The best way to Install a Flex Hose

Flex hose or water-supply lines that are flexible consist of rubber hoses coated using a plastic or steel braid. Flex hoses have screw-on connections that effortlessly install to present threaded stop-valves that link to the sink faucet as well as your house’s plumbing. The hex nut on the conclusion of the flex hose removes the […]

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The best way to Prune Thimbleberries

Fairytale title apart, the thimbleberry (Rubus parviflorus) is a rugged California native that grows across all Sun Set Environment Zones. The thicket-forming bramble creates berries that are pink to consume but desirable crinkly foliage and flowers that are white to grace your backyard. The nectar of the flowers that are huge provides hummingbirds to your […]

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Plumbing & Sewer Cleaning

Things are worse than sewage burning in a basement shower or flushing a commode to have the contents of the bowl overflow on the ground. Your homeas plumbing is a collection of drainpipes and air vents that interact to enable waste and water to drain freely from the home. A clog will result in a […]

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