America’s Home, the Colonial Style

From sea to shining sea, America’s most enduring home style stays the New England colonial. It conjures up pictures of small-town America, the village green, Fourth of July parades and that independent spirit that defines the American personality. Even as other styles gain in popularity, this design is still a favorite.

Read on to learn about the components of Colonial-style architecture, both in historical homes and now’s interpretations.

RTA Studio Residential Architects

This addition was made to combine with the orignial Colonial-style home whilst still remaining different. Its window and scale pattern complement instead of exactly mimic the main arrangement

White clapboard siding, a simple gable roof, double-hung windows, shutters and a classically-inspired entrance portico are the main features of Colonial style.

RTA Studio Residential Architects

This entry portico showcases the normal colonial components of classically-inspired columns and trimming along with a brick stoop.

Cummings Architects

A new residence made in the Colonial style looks as if it’s been on the exact same site for centuries.

Joseph Stabilito

Although white siding is normal, occasionally a Colonial will sport another color on its outside. Think of it as the exception which proves the rule.

Helios Design Group

Not very symmetrical, with simple”less is more” detailing, here’s a modern interpretation of Victorian layout, with a welcoming red front door.

Anthony Wilder Design/Build, Inc..

This house, with its simple lines and red-painted front entrance, is a fresh version of the traditional New England house, though some might say its absence of an overhang and minimalist making makes it more Cape Cod.

Leslie Saul & Associates

The two-story main house includes the conventional colonial central chimney, symmetrical fa├žade, plus a front front door. Smaller chunks, a part of an upgrade, stretch out to the right and left.

AIA, bud Dietrich

A 1940s-era neo-Colonial with a marginally extended 2nd floor, like the design of America’s oldest Colonial house, the Parsons Capon House at Massachusetts. This house was enlarged to the back to maintain the simple, symmetrical front.

Frank Shirley Architects

The entrance hall of a Colonial-style house not only occupies the middle of the home, but also illustrates the perfect middle ground of design: formal without being stiff and relaxing without being folksy.

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