Food Art Adds Flavor to Rooms

Mother told you not to throw away your food, but she didn’t say not to hang it on the wall. If you are a food junkie and inspired by feasts, handmade or fruits candies, then express your tastes from your art collection. Keep reading to see ways to brighten any room with the colors and contours of your favorite foods.


A large painting of oranges brings a big splash of joyful color to a kitchen. The color orange is still alluring, and large artwork is quite much on trend.

“Candy Twenty Five Cents” Framed Print – $432.37

Color, color and more color. This is a fantastic piece for any room. This one is 40 inches by 30 inches framed, but you can order a different size to meet your space.

Judith Balis Interiors

Large-scale artwork in vibrant colors surely functions as a “wow” focal point.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Prove your love of art and baking via a Wayne Thiebaud print.

Beach Vintage

Kids’ walls are fantastic places to celebrate bakery products. These oversize cupcakes in reds and blues add a joyful note.

Laura Bendik Interiors

If you enjoy a bright and cheery room with a young vibe, be unique and daring with a trio of large food artworks, like these pinwheel lollipops. The colors and association with sugar will keep guests smiling.

Supon Phornirunlit / Naked Decor

Bring in American pop art with Andy Warhol–inspired paintings of iconic American items such as those Campbells soup cans. This photo also shows how good brightly colored food artwork looks on a dark wall.

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“Une Pomme” Printing, Sycamore Street Press – $35

This very simple letterpress apple case is a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

Brian Dittmar Design, Inc..

Mat and frame multiple pieces to accent a narrow area. I prefer to work with a mat if framing little pictures to combine them as a group and help them stand out.

Know more about choosing the Proper mat when framing

My Sweet Savannah

Have a look at this creative idea of utilizing a recipe-inspired background or sticker on the back of a kitchen cabinet.

Tell us : If you could have a big painting of one kind of food, which would you choose? Share your response in the Comments section below.

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