How to Design Your Closet (Practically) Just Like a Celeb

Does figuring out exactly what to put on butt you out because the closet is such a wreck? Can you drool with jealousy over Christian Louboutin collections put up on custom shoe racks and across from colour coded wardrobes? Even if you’re working with a little closet, you can take inspiration in the closets you see in star home features. Here’s how to spiff up your closet with style.

Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

Gratuitous inspiration taken! This closet is larger than most of our homes, but elements of it can inspire one on the journey to your dream closet. A few of the images below will make you say “Yeah, I can do this with my little closet,” while some others will leave you saying, “Get real, Becky!”

Designs by BSB

1. Clear everything out and sort it into four piles: Keep, Repair, Donate, Toss. If you have a closet that is only large enough to store 1 season’s worth of apparel at a time, sort your “store” pile and set aside the offseason things to store elsewhere. Toss anything that has ever made you feel fat into the “give” pile without hesitation.

Tip: Closet designer Lisa Adams recommends keeping a permanent “give” container at the closet, so the minute after you try something on and realize you don’t ever want to wear it again, you can toss it in and forget about it.

Grainda Builders, Inc..

2. As soon as it’s vacant, have a look at what you want to store and the distance you have. A visit to IKEA, Bed Bath and Beyond or The Container Store for a few racks, baskets or drawer components may be in order.

Michael Fullen Design Group

3. Glam up your lighting. Odds are, you’ve got a bulb lighting or a really boring flush-mount ceiling fixture. Here recessed lighting together with a glittering Caboche Chandelier were utilized. If you have room, substitute it with a little chandelier, a jazzier flush-mount or a drum pendant. I found a chandelier available in Neiman Marcus’ Last Call for $60 and replaced the gloomy light in my closet, and it makes me feel like a celebrity. Just make sure you check with an electrician to make sure the light you choose is secure and meets safety codes.

Annette English

4. Insert a full size mirror. If you have a walk-in, there’s no better way to try on ensembles and find out how they look.

5. Consider a rug. This is going to keep the dust bunnies at bay, provided that you keep it vacuumed. In a little closet, 2′ x 3′ mats can perform.

6. Hang some inspirational artwork. I love to hang my favourite covers of style icons out of Bazaarand Vogue magazine covers(for instance, Natalie Portman sporting Audrey Hepburn’s”Breakfast at Tiffany’s” LBD on the cover of Bazaar)in inexpensive frames in the drugstore. Another fantastic idea is to obtain a publication of Manolo Blahnik’s shoe drawings and cut your favorites out to frame.

Ferm Living Shop

Fashion Wallpaper by Ferm Living – $110

7. Background the closet. Even in the event that you have a tiny closet, wallpapering the back wall gives a delightful surprise if you push the garments aside. In addition, it is a excellent way to use up that excess roll you might have left from another project.

Neat Chic

If you do not have the patience for wallpapering, paint the inside of the closet a enjoyable but impractical color you’ve always enjoyed, such as lavender or turquoise.

8. Banish cable hangers. Most dry cleaners tend to be more than happy to recycle them for you. If you’re short on space, Home Goods generally has thin hangers covered in cloth which are a significant improvement over cable or plastic.

Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

9. Sort your clothes by type, then by colour, and organize them from lightest to darkest. Now you will have a fantastic idea of how much space is made for the accessories.

ReStyle Group Interiors

10. Corral your scarves, belts, socks, unmentionables, and flip-flops in fitting baskets or boxes. Label every one and pile them.

The Container Store

Drop-Front Canvas Shoe Boxes – $7.99

Talking of flip-flops, many professional closet organizers swear by these boxes which store and display sneakers. Stacking them saves on space without requiring among those over-the-door, pocket shoe organizers who made Carrie Bradshaw gasp in horror.

Shoshana Gosselin

11. Devise a method for keeping your jewelry organized and available. One way is by using decorative hooks for necklaces and bracelets.

The Painted Home

Another way is to use a bulletin board or framed display, which may also accomodate earrings.

Watch more ways to keep your jewelry organized and available


12. You’re almost done. Now tackle the doorway. Give it a fresh coat of paint and a distinctive knob. Glass knobs are always a glamorous option. If you still have the DIY fever at this point, cut the door with paint and then put in a door knocker such as Brian Patrick Flynn did here.

Watch more closet door ideas

Ballard Designs

Sarah Storage Tower – $599

Still do not have sufficient room? If you’re a shoe lover like me, you won’t mind putting them on display in your room with something like this storage system out of Ballard Designs. I prefer to do so with bag.

The Container Store

InterMetro Garment Rack with Silk Canvas Cover – $233.89

A portable wardrobe like this one is going to home your off-season threads, freeing up space in the closet for better organization and styling.

Studio Zerbey Architecture + Design

Look closely: This isn’t a walk-in. It is simply the end of a room which can be curtained off if necessary. If your closet is overflowing or your significant other is moving, you might require a solution like this.

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