How to Wash the Mold Stuck on the Shower Door Seal

The little dark spots around the seal around your shower door can signal the existence of mildew, an early phase of mould. These fungi thrive in moist, moist environments. If you don’t ventilate or wipe off your shower after each use, you’re very likely to see the telltale dark spots eventually. But with several inexpensive cleansers or homemade cleaning solutions, you can whisk away mold and mildew and leave your shower door seal spotless.

Vinegar and Water

Pour 1/2 cup warm tap water and 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar into a spray bottle. Insert a generous squirt of dishwashing liquid to the mix. Replace the spray nozzle and then shake the bottle to mix the ingredients.

Spray the vinegar solution onto the shower door. For rough mold and mildew stains, allow it to sit for 15 minutes.

Wet an old, soft toothbrush using the vinegar solution and scrub the mould. Rinse with plain water.

Dry the shower door seal using a rag or microfiber cloth.

Bleach and Water

Put on rubber gloves and then open all the windows in the bathroom or turn on the exhaust fan.

Add 2 tbsp bleach to 1 cup warm water in a spray bottle. Replace the sprayer and shake the bottle to mix.

Apply the water and bleach solution directly to your shower door. Allow the solution sit for approximately 15 minutes for rough mold spots.

Take an old, soft toothbrush to tenacious mold and mildew stains on the shower door. Thoroughly wet the toothbrush in the cleaning solution before applying it to the shower door.

Dry the seal using a clean cloth.

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