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The best way to Assemble Wood Dressing Table Tops

Dressing Table tops are usually generated from plywood using a tile or laminate covering. This shields the dressing table against water. If a dressing table isn’t exposed to water, wood tops include quality and are satisfactory, turning an average dressing table into good furniture. Your dressing table top can be made by you from any hard-wood you want.


Hardwood lumber should be utilized to produce wood tops of all kinds. It’ll split or break over time as a result of natural growth and contraction of wood fiber, if timber isn’t laminated. When timber can be used, the versions of grain lines in personal parts type designs making it nearly rip-evidence. Start by buying arbitrary bits of 3/4-inch hard-wood no broader than 4″ each. The absolute amount of bits you buy should be 1-inch wider in relation to the top at least 3″ longer in relation to the dressing table top, and when put side by side which you want to create.

Paste and Clamps

Set the hardwood planks parallel to every other on their borders across two saw-horses. Run a bead of adhesive down the borders of every bit except the one from the body. Place the pieces down flat so that the wet side touches the dry side of the next piece all. Place bar clamps across them tighten till adhesive oozes out from each of the joints and spaced 10″ apart. One hour for the adhesive to dry and after that take away the clamps.


Scrape off any dry paste that is remaining in the hardwood panel using a paste scraper. Make use of a belt sander with the 80-grit belt to sand the panel level and easy. For those who have use of an extensive belt sander use that as an alternative. It’ll be worth your own time even for those who must cover a cabinet store to to operate the panel. Quantify the very top of the dressing table and include 2 inches to span and the breadth. By way of example, in the event the best is 2-2-by-30, slice the on the panel to 2-4-by-3 2. Make use of a tablesaw to cut on the panel to the size. That is to allow to get a lip on the best that extends out past any drawer fronts which may be about the vanity.


Use an orbital sander with 100-grit sandpaper to completely sand the panel. Make certain to across the the edges. It’s possible for you to utilize a 1/4-inch bull-nose bit in a router to around the the border even more if wanted. To complete the panel, completely sand it manually with 180-grit sandpaper connected into a hand block. Two layers of wood lacquer sanding between the second and primary layer.


Subsequent to the panel dries for just one hour, it is able to put in. Examine the theoretical model together with the dressing table. There’ll most likely be two triangular shaped blocks in every single corner with screw-holes included. This can be where the leading and the dressing table will fasten together. Put the top on centre and the dressing table it. Then flush the border of the panel with all the rear edge of the dressing table in the event the dressing table fits flush from the wall on the rear. This is good, although it’s going to make the very best hang over further in entrance. Lean below and put 1 1/2-inch screws in the holes that you found before Employing a screw gun, fasten the best to the dressing table.

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