The best way to Install the One-Way Valve in a Flotec Sink Pump

Flotec sink pumps work as a conventional submersible sump-pump. The distinction is the fact that sink pumps used to manage discharge water out of your sink drain and are installed over the ground. A sink pump is frequently utilized for washers, AC systems and de-humidifiers as an alternative immediate drain method. The sink pump check valve, situated on the system’s discharge line, keeps the water that is discharged when the pump’s motor is shut down from flowing back to the sink drain. Replacement a non-return valve in your sink pump that is Flotec is easy and usually takes about one hour to complete.

Check that the drain is empty of water by letting it cycle and turning on the pump.

The sink pump’s electricity either in the wall socket or in the primary breaker that controls the pump.

Clear work space, removing anything of or electric worth, and have some towels or rags easy to clear up any spills. The discharge pipe might nevertheless include some water which will spill out.

Cut on the opening in your discharge pipe as near to the very best of the discharge as you possibly can utilizing a hacksaw. So they are smooth utilizing a utility knife, file the edges of the opening.

Assess the space cut from the discharge pipe. You’ll need to set up a PVC coupling in the event the space is bigger in relation to the replacement check-valve. The coupling to the drainpipe utilizing PVC cement, and attach a length of PVC conduit to the coupling which is long enough to ensure an effective fit for the check valve that is brand new.

Before you install assess the very top of the one-way valve. Check valves are marked using an arrow that shows drain flow. Install the newest check valve so this arrow points away and toward the drain from the sink pump.

Fix the newest check valve by tightening the top and hose clamps.

Make certain the discharge pipe is supported correctly when replacing it or sink in order that it does the one-way valve is pulled apart in by n’t.

Reconnect the electricity to your pump and let it cycle generally to ensure that it works correctly.

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