The best way to Install ZED-Flashing on Rotted T1-11 Siding

T111 siding offers a look for some houses, barns and sheds. The siding -foot by 8-foot panels that install. When T111 is installed on a 2- when it extends right into a gable or story construction, the installer piles installs and the panels Z- in the flat seam between panels. Rotting can happen on the border of the low panel in the event the flashing wasn’t installed. In case you find the situation soon enough, it is possible to install Z- flashing to avoid further harm.

Examine the rotted section of the T111 siding by poking a screw-driver or a nail through it. The siding below is still strong, although if just the area is broken, it is possible to install flashing. In the event the siding is rotted throughout, yet, you’ll need to replace the panel that is low and install Z-flashing then.

Scrape on loose paint and use 80-grit sandpaper if needed to smooth the surface.

Take away in top panel of T111 siding. The common way of nailing T111 is in flat rows of nails that were galvanized, added every 16 inches to the wall studs. Flat rows are usually 8 inches apart. Because T111 is stiff, eliminate the three rows of nails.

Wedge the end of a cat’s paw bar under each nail to pry out it. A cat’s paw bar features a sharp- hook for removing nails on the end. When when working with a cat’s paw on T111, put a shim between the siding as well as the bar to avoid gouges

Pry the very best siding panel after eliminating the nails out using a level bar. Do this carefully to avoid breaking the siding.

Slide the broadest border of AZ- strip behind the siding panel that is top. The Z-flashing comes in strips about 10-feet long and resembles the letter “ZED” from the medial side. When the upper portion of the flashing is set up, the remaining flashing will fit over the front of the low panel as well as the very best.

Cut ZED- flashing in the edges of the construction with tin snips and overlap the 6 inches when you yourself need to install greater than one bit.

Shove on the top panel back set up, and r e-nail it, utilizing 8 d nails, fit in the nail holes that are present.

Prime the siding that is sanded and scraped, and then paint to coordinate with the authentic paint. Z-flashing is naked metal at the same time, so that it will be painted over by you.

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